Heart Thoughts – Pause

Joining the Five Minute Friday crew where we write for five minutes on a one word prompt. This week’s prompt is Pause.


I dream
Of so many ways I can be
Just the Perfect ______
And I plot
And I plan
And write all my lists

Some days I just jump up
Dive in
Music blaring
Smile on
Nothing gets in my way

But sometimes
Oh life
I stumble
Right out the gate
And this mountain
Of dailies
I climb
It’s over-whelming
From this point of view
From the ground

Sigh. It’s a lot
And I feel down
Just Down.
I want to stay there,
Curl up with the disappointment
Snuggle in and nurse the sadness

So I pause
‘Lo, I am with You always’
And breathe
Get myself settled,
Dusted off.

Begin again.


One thought on “Heart Thoughts – Pause

  1. Vicki says:

    “…I stumble right out of the gate.” Oh, boy! Too many times….. But God…. He is there, right where we are.
    Blessings on your weekend!
    Your neighbor in FMF #39


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