How To Have A Successful Day As A Stay At Home Mom

This is the final post in the series How to Beat Motherhood Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps.

I have had small kids in my home for 10 years!  My oldest just had her tenth birthday and my youngest is one and a half. Maybe that makes me an expert? Not really, an expert on my own kids, sure – but kids, families, people are all so different! This whole series has been written about what works for me!  Take what you love, leave the rest – that’s my blog/reading/life motto lol Continue reading

For This Shirt I Prayed

Silly isn’t it?  The idea of praying for a shirt. I wasn’t praying for the shirt so much as what it means, but every time I see it, it makes me smile.


When I was a new Christian, I had been following God for about a year and a half and I wanted to give Him e.ver.y.thing. All of me. I deal with fear, which was a big player in my life at that point.  Big, like HUGE. I was scared of everything. But I wanted to give God everything, and what more could this scared little me do, but go to China to be a missionary? They’re torturing people for Christ there?  Let’s do it. Continue reading