Three Things You Need To Start Doing Today To Beat Overwhelm

This is the fourth step in the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps.

Hey Mama.

I see you.

Everything is flying out of control and all you want is to do the best for your kiddos. Most of the time. You also just want to sleep, or think, or pee in peace. You want to be noticed. You want someone to ask how YOU are instead of just the pregnancy/baby/kids. Maybe there are people in your life who think your stay-at-home life is ‘little’ somehow, sub par. Maybe there are people in your life who think this life is your biggest dream, but it totally is not. Or maybe you have a lot of people around you who love and support you and you feel like crap for not feeling joyful right now. “Enjoy them while they’re young”, they say – and all you can think is – I can’t enjoy anything right now!

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